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Our Projects

Collaborative & Innovative

Our projects are aimed at making a positive impact for individuals, communities and our natural world.  Using the mediums of poetry and music we aim to deliver immersive workshops & events to inspire positive change.

We engage through SOUL - Support - Opportunity - Unity - Love.  

We believe in the capacity of all individuals to lead fulfilling lives & our aim is to help to inspire & support this.

Services / Projects: Programs

Community Engagement

Creativity for Well-being

Through our Community Engagement, we promote creative talent & hobbies to help individuals improve their health & well-being.  

We also focus on the field of positive psychology. Our events & workshops are on a number of themes. These include: our connection to nature, kindness & compassion, gratitude, following our dreams, living a life of purpose, spirituality and much more.

Take a look at our wealth of poetry resources. These resources are written to nurture and inspire you. A number of them reflect my own journey. 

Get in touch with us today and see how we can inspire you.


Coaching, Workshops, Poetry for you

I offer coaching to individuals. Coaching is about helping you reach your full potential, being abundant and healing any inner scars. I have a wealth of coaching and mentoring experience through my housing career and qualified as a Spiritual Life Coach.  I also have the benefit of my own experiences and my poetic soul.

I write poetry for individuals and organisations. For individuals I can capture your dreams, experiences and healing journey. For organisations I help you to deliver your messages in a unique way.

I deliver workshops in local communities and seek out partner organisations.

Creative Altruism

Making a Difference

We offer grants to individuals to help pay for equipment or training in the fields of art, music, poetry, performing arts and related creative fields. We offer grants to communities to help make a positive impact and address social isolation.

We actively engage with organisations to help care for our planet.  We write poetry for educators on climate change. We sign petitions, take up membership, sponsor animals and make donations. Check out our nature gallery for more details.

We post poetry on social media to help highlight current issues and to inspire unity and compassion.   


Poetry with impact

A huge thank you for the poems. I really love both of them. They are so easy to understand with a powerful message.
Hajar of Eko Freakos
Elaine's poetry is Divinely inspired. I find comfort and hope in the fact she is helping us to ignite our own Divine spark through poetry workshops. Bravo Earth JourneyUK. 
Jennifer A. Cooper

Join us in making a real difference.

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