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Dream Journal

Keeping a #dream #journal is a wonderful way of capturing #ideas, new #insights, thoughts, plans & actions. I love referring back to my entries. I find journal #writing is a great way of connecting to your #intuition, your creative genie, your inner compass. Dreams are much more than projects plans, to do lists, targets etc. You really need a combination of both.

Insight is a journey always in motion. - at the moment of insight, record it. I find insights can come at any time. They can easily elude your memory bank!

Dreams take resolve - When we make New Year resolutions we are putting our resolve in motion - consistent resolve moves us into the direction of our dreams.

Dream Journal entry - New horizons, new momentum, new actions, new choices birthing me in a new space. New adventures, new connections, new ideas, new insights. This is the heart, the inner compass opening up to new creations.

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