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An out-pouring of love & encouragement

I feel God is up to something. He always is up to something! I sense he calls upon us to help Him deliver love & encouragement.

I have felt called to write and share poetry of love & hope. I have shared my poetry in some expected ways but also in unexpected ways! In my street and nearby streets I have posted up-lifting poetry through letter boxes. I have no idea who lives there. I hope in at least one home I have delivered hope & encouragement.

I have to say that I realize now I have been given the same. I have met new people and starting to make new friendships. These are with people who seem to get me! I have been able to share my dreams and spirituality and been met with opening doors. I am at the start of a period of new inner growth. I wish the same for you. Take heart my friend, love is your anchor. You are loved dearly.

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