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My Story

From a young age I have always felt there was something deeper at play in our lives.  As a child I joined lots of organisations who cared for animals and the planet. I made donations from my pocket money & my Saturday jobs. As an adult I have continued this journey.   

My career is in Social Housing.  I have worked in a number of deprived communities and met some amazing people.  I qualified as Member of the Institute of Housing in 1983. I obtained Fellowship level in 1998. 

I chose this career when I was 19, I wanted to work in communities making a difference to others.   I have worked for various Housing Associations and in Local Government.  I have loved both front line roles & managerial posts. 

My desire has always been to make a meaningful contribution and experience the joy and fulfillment when things go well.  I have met people from all walks of life. There are many talented creative people both living and working in the social housing sector.

In the last decade I have undergone a profound spiritual awakening. It has given birth to the poet in me! I want to share my poetry with others and provide a platform for those who may need help in nurturing their dreams.

My Story: About Us

My healing journey

I have been blessed with a loving mother and supportive older brother. I thought the world of my father but there was always tension, tears and arguments. He was both controlling and abusive. My parents have passed away and I have found healing through forgiving my father. I wrote a number of poems about my childhood experiences. I found that this really helped me with my feelings and I felt better able to move on.  

As an adult, I have had periods of  depression partly due to my childhood but also due to health issues. Life purpose, spiritual awakening and poetry have transformed my inner world.  Special friendships & my family have sustained me and continue to do so. I have experienced much joy and fulfillment too and have greatly enjoyed my career. 

Poetry is a true healer. I have written about painful experiences and feelings and this has made a huge difference. My poetry has also opened up my connection to the Divine.  The poetry seems to write itself. I am sure many writers experience this stream of inspiration.  It is how God speaks to me. He speaks in other ways too. I am called to share our poetry!

I simply wish to share my experiences of my healing journey. I have read widely and taken courses on spirituality, happiness and other related subjects.  I try to live each moment to nurture myself and all others. I feel much more connected to everything around me. I hope I am much more patient and forgiving.

My workshops are aimed at helping others to heal, to connect with the Divine and to grow into their true authentic self. My workshops are a mixture of my poetry and practical tips and tools. Music also plays a part.  My workshops are a true reflection of my authentic self. Prepare to be moved, to be inspired and connected to your inner most dreams and desires and most importantly to universal Love.

My Story: Welcome
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